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Help us save our old Ferguson T20 tractor!

For years the farms beloved TE-20 Ferguson tractor has sat in the barn slowly gathering dust due to it not being in working order.

However our enthusiastic trainees, staff and volunteers are doing their utmost to get this icon piece of agricultural machinery back in working order.

Over the last few months a small team have been stripping the tractor down to repair broken parts and loosen rusty parts as well as identify various parts that are needed to get the tractor running again.

Our target date for completion is in time for hay making next summer so that the trainees involved in the restoration project can learn how to drive the tractor to process the hay and cart it into our barn.

The only thing that is holding back this crack team of agricultural mechanics is parts and a bit more knowledge to get the tractor running out in the fields once again.

Please help us to reach as many people as possible so that they can donate either parts, time or even money to our project.

A huge thank you in advance for any of the support that we might receive!!

For pictures of our T20, click here...

Click here to donate, all donations help us to continue our work in supporting adults with learning disabilities by providing them with work and training opportunities.
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