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Textile Recycling

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Textile shop opening times are 10am to 3pm, weekdays

What happens to the textiles at Tyddyn Môn?

Our textile recycling van is out and about within the local community on a daily basis collecting from various textile banks – refer to map for all the locations. We work closely with primary and secondary schools across the Island to educate future generations of the importance of reducing the amount of textiles being disposed of in landfill.

We are able to offer training and work opportunities for adults with learning disabilities and volunteers through various textile recycling centred activities. By our activities here we aim to contribute in a large way to reducing the amount of textiles that are sent to landfill, provide a greater awareness of environmental sustainability and so contribute to our own sustainability. The sorting process is carried out by our trainees where we take out items that can be sold in our shop (which is located at the farm) or via our ebay shop.

In order to close the recycling loop we transfer all other items of textiles that we cannot sell to a family run textile merchant who will sort through the textiles and distribute them to Eastern Europe, Africa and Asian countries for re-use purposes. They will also recycle any items that cannot be re-used to provide materials for the car manufacturing industry and many other industries.

List of all schools involved with us:

Map of location of all the bins:

Tyddyn Môn is a registered charity

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